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YPOx is...

a digital and physical platform designed to help young professionals connect through virtual and in person experiences.  

In the spirit of bridging communities, YPOx is a locally held, independently managed event series.

Think of a YPOx event as an intro to networking, or a laid back way for the power networker, the job seeker, recruiter or business owner to meet and interact with dozens of young professionals locally, while connecting to thousands globally.

It's All About Who You Know...

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We aim to connect young professionals to each other and the resources they need through both, digital and physical mediums. 


Join us to keep in touch, and hear about YPOx events happening in your city. ​

Don't see any events in your city yet? Follow the link to find out how to launch a chapter and put your city on the map!

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Our Mission: To provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their personal and professional growth through experiences that connect, educate, and empower.

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