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For Individuals

How do I get more involved?

There are a couple of ways to get MORE involved than just participating in local events, but first, please make sure you've, at least, joined the community and completed your profile.

  1. You can apply to join an existing team and someone will reach out as opportunities arise.
  2. Become a Community Leader and start a local Community.
  3. Support HQ - our HQ is in Seattle, but we operate in a virtual world.
We review applications once every few weeks so be patient - we're a small team. Shoot us an email, with any additional questions, here: contact@ypo-x.com

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join the YPOx Community! 90%+ of our events are free of charge for Community Members; the ones that aren't free are fundriasers. If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, with better and more direct access to other Community Members, mentors, hiring managers, specialized events with discounts at bars, gyms and restaurants throughout your city, you’ll want to look at joining our Elite Membership program. Click here for more.

I RSVP'd to an event that I can no longer attend. How do I cancel?

Simply go back to the event page you want to remove yourself from and click "Cancel RSVP" button.

Make sure you're logged in with the email address you originally used to RSVP with.

There isn't an event near me, does it still make sense to join?

Absolutely! While we connect people through live, in-person events, we're also a digital platfom that allows (encourages) people to connect across communities.
Further, we publish a newsletter, to the nationwide community, with updates on what's going on in the young professionals everywhere. So even if we're not yet in a city near you, you can still engage.

Now, if you're interested in being a Community Leader and bringing YPOx to a town near you, let's talk! We've made it pretty easy to get start a Community of your own. Head to this page, to get started.

I see the event page says that your event is "Sold Out", Is there any chance I can still attend?

Sorry, if the event page says SOLD OUT, we are indeed sold out or at capacity. :( You can add yourself to a waiting lists and will be moved to RSVP status if space comes available.

Is there an age limit?

That’s an easy one... We’re inclusive as ****, and actively work to remove barriers to entry. So if you feel “young” then you’re young enough to join us.

For Companies

How do I sponsor an event?

We don't do sponsorship, per se. Instead, we look at companies supporting young professional communities as Partners. YPOx can attribute its rapid growth to the unique fact that the organization was built by a team of young professional digital marketers and community builders. We’ve optimized various digital communications channels, enabling us to organically drive community growth, engagement and interest while seamlessly integrating advertisers, job opportunities and corporate partners into the fold. Partnerships allow us to work with companies on an annual basis, providing multiple touch-point opportunities (through our digital and in-person engagement channels) with an active and growing young professional community. Reach out here to discuss: partner@ypgroup.co

I need to hire young professionals. Can YPOx help with that?

Yup! We're tied directly to a diversity staffing agency, that manages all of our hiring integrations.
Each YPOx event presents itself as an opportunity for partners to get in front of a variety of capable, ambitious professionals. Additionally, we've integrated a jobs portal, allowing partners to promote job opportunities to the exact people who need see them. Reach out to us here, for more information.

I have an event I need to share, can YPOx help promote?

YPOx really is it's own, preformatted event type but we're designed to be a landing pad of sorts for young professionals to find the resources they need. If you have a community event that you feel is relevant to the young professional demographic, please reach out to us at contact@ypo-x.com.

Can I host a YPOx event at my venue / business?

It's certaintly possible... One of the primary goals of YPOx is to introduce and integrate young professionals to their communities. Accordingly, we ask that Community Leaders regularly rotate event locations throughout the year. If there is an existing YPOx Community near your venue, please reach out directly to the email address designated for that chapter. Click here to find a list of cities. If there ISN'T a YPOx Community near you, let's talk about getting one off the ground and having you be the inaugural host. Shoot us an email at contact@ypo-x.com.

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Our Mission: To provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their personal and professional growth through experiences that connect, educate, and empower.

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